HELYS : Fingerprint or DNA art 

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Fingerprint artwork : create an artwork from your own fingerprint
DNA artwork : create an artwork from your own DNA
DNA iPhone wallpaper: create an iPhone wallpaper from your own DNA
Your Fingerprints Picture   Your DNA Picture by HELYS   DNA iPhone wallpaper
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114,50 €*
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Explore DNA art
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Explore iPhone Wallpaper customized by ADN

99,00 €

Our artworks are for you! For yourself or for someone special, our DNA artwork or fingerprint artwork are unique. Surprising, personalised, modern and original, our Prints are created using the DNA or fingerprints of the recipient. This contemporary designer portrait is also an unusual gift ideal ! For Christmas, a birthday, it is a surprise guarantee! Offers for couples and families will be perfect for weddings, wedding anniversaries, births, ...
* Price for two canvas 12'' x 12'' (Special offer for couple)
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